The Jerantut District Council Parking Unit is responsible for implementing and managing parking in the Jerantut District Council area.



  • Provide comfort and convenience to the public to park vehicles;
    Ensure parking is organized and does not obstruct traffic.


Areas involved




Old Town to the Town Field Stall

B Bandar Baru - Jalan Tahan, Jalan Irong, Pasar Besar, Bus Terminal, Kompleks Niaga, Hotel Sakura, Barisan Bank RHB to Hotel Firdaus
C Bandar Inderapura - Around Bandar Inderapura, Tokyo Restaurant Line, Petronas Inderapura, Bank Rakyat Line, May Bank Building, Mahmud Clinic Building, Bumi Air cond Building
D Eco Shop RM2, Along Taman Wawasan Shop, Taman Saujana Utama, Taman Temin Utama, Light Industrial Area
E Simpang Sg Jan to Hotel Wau


Operation hours

Monday - Friday: 8.00 am to 5.00 pm

Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays: Excluded


Citation System Used

Jerantut District Council started using the Couponed Parking System from 1 January 2022.

Hour Parking Coupons

  • Sold and displayed based on time at RM0.40 per hour.


Daily Coupons

  • Sold and displayed on a daily basis at RM3.60 per day.


Monthly Pass / Sticker


Seasonal Parking/Special Plots

  • [The rate to be charged is RM80.00/parcel/month and is subject to the conditions to be given by the Jerantut District Council. Seasonal Parking Lot/Special Plot Rental Form]


How to Get Coupons


The compound rates that will be charged are as follows:-

i. Payment within 7 days - RM10.00

ii. Payment within 14 days - RM30.00

iii. Payment within 30 days - RM100.00

iv. Payment after 30 days - RM300.00


Any Questions Can Contact:

Unit Tempat Letak Kereta
Majlis Daerah Jerantut
27000 Jerantut
Pahang Darul Makmur
Tel: 09-266 2205 Faks: 09-266 1545