Logo of Jerantut District Council

Logo Rationale

Item Definition

Yellow Colour

Symbolises Pahang as a state with a royal institution

Green Colour 

The prosperity of Pahang's citizens as well as the beauty of natural rainforests that provide benefits to Jerantut District especially in the timber and tourism industry.

Pahang Emblem

With Jerantut District map as a background, it denotes that Jerantut District Council is under the administration of the Pahang State Government

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Symbolise the aspirations of the residents in Jerantut District Council to live in racial harmony among all three major races in Malaysia. This symbol is a symbol of unity for residents of Jerantut District and the whole country.


Symbolises Islam as the country's official religion. Religion emphasize on fairness.

Growth of Development & Industrial Factories Symbol

Denotes the rapid development of Jerantut District as well as the involvement of residents in Jerantut District Council's area in implementing the government's economic policy.