YDP Dato' Sharuddin bin Jali, DIMP., SMP.


Assalamualaikum wbt and greetings to all visitors of the Official Portal Of Jerantut District Council. Alhamdullillah on the successful completion of this portal. The arrival of this portal signifies a step ahead in Internet Communication Technology (ICT) and a response to the Government's call for the formation of an electronic government.

This portal not only provides information but is also a platform for ideas from all sides. Jerantut District Council is aware of the rapid growth and does not want to be left behind in the latest development of information technology.

We hope that with the launch of Official Portal Of Jerantut District Council, it will be convenient for patrons especially residents to obtain neccessary information. It also hoped that visitors to this site will provide feedbacks and opinions to further improve and strengthen this website and therefore, increasing the level of development in the district of Jerantut. Any feedbacks, ideas as well as comments can be emailed to

Thank you.

YH. Dato' Sharuddin bin Jali, DIMP., SMP.

Yang Dipertua
Jerantut District Council