Jerantut's History

According to legend and history, the name ‘Jerantut' has been used since the days before the rule of Sultan Ahmad (Wan Ahmad), the first Sultan of Pahang. Sultan Ahmad became the Sultan of Pahang after the civil war between him and Tun Mutahir in Pekan, Wan Ahmad strategized and attacked Pekan with the solid support and forces to conquer Pekan from Tun Mutahir's rule. Wan Ahmad had the support of the leaders of the local residents from all areas in Ulu Pahang – Dato' Bahaman, a warrior, led the area from Temerloh and Semantan, Dato' Raja Jelai Wan Muhammad bin Wan Idris led Lipis, Jelai and Semantan Ulu Raub and Dato' Gajah Iman Rasu Abdul Salam led Jerantut and its surrounding areas.

Based on the stories of the elders that the origin of the word "JERANTUT" is derived from the word "rapids" and "Tut" is taken from the name of "Awang Tut" that often fish in the rapids in the middle of the Pahang River. Before the onset of the word "JERANTUT" The town is called "Simpang Empat", a place where the Road Train from Gemas to Kota Baharu crossed by road from Kuala Lipis to Kuantan. Beginning in 1914 the name "Junction 4" changed to "JERANTUT".