Customer Charter for Each Department


  1. Public Complaint

    Each complaint will be given attention and action taken within a period of no more than 14 days if:-

    • The name and address of complainant is written clearly
    • The type of complaint is clear.
    • The location of the problem is stated clearly
    • Feedback to customers will be given within 14 days
  2. Enforcement Division

    • To ensure that enforcement actions on the public’s problems are in accordance with the law and in a just, fair, firm and proper manner.
    • To take immediate action on offences committed by giving verbal warnings, notices, fines and confiscation.
  3. Stall Rental

    • To ensure that all vacant stalls are advertised within 1 month.
    • To offer for rental are issued within 2 weeks from the date of interview.
  4. Equipment Rental

    • Applications will be replied in 7 working days.
    • Equipments will be provided at least 1 day before the date required in the condition that payment has been made.