Kelas 1 : Vehicles with 2 axles and 3 or 4 tires (except taxis and busses)
Kelas 2 : Vehicles with 2 axles and 6 tires (except busses)
Kelas 3 : Vehicles with 3 or more axles (except busses)
Kelas 4 : All types of taxis and limousines
Kelas 5 : All types of busses 

Resource :MTD Infraperdana Bhd.
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By Rail

Other than using private vehicles or public transportation, visitors may also take the train to Jerantut station. Please visit this website for more information on the train service: -

By River

The river is also a mode of transportation that is no less important in this district. This mode of transportation is very popular in Sungai Lembing in the northern part of Jerantut. It is the main method of transportation for the locals in the olden days. Even though land transportation that connects Jerantut with the surrounding areas has been developed, the locals still prefer the old way of transportation. Tourists to Taman Negara also use river transportation to get there. 


There are several jetties along the Tembeling River. The main jetty is in Kuala Tembeling and Kuala Tahan. Other than that there are smaller jetties along Tembeling River built by individuals or agencies to cater to the needs of the local community as well as the tourists


This service is offered especially to tourists. It runs from Kuala Tembeling to Kuala Tahan.