e-Kasih is a National Poverty Data Bank that contains information about poverty starting from individual profiles, programmes / aids received by the Head of Household (HoH) and Member of Household (MoH) as well as the benefactor agencies as well as the application and monitoring of the effectiveness of programmes / aids received.

The e-Kasih data components consist of basic information on the Head of Household (HoH) and Member of Household (MoH), location information, residences, education, skills and occupations, property ownership, health, income and aids.

Among the main characteristics of e-Kasih are :-
i)     Online registration and poverty status review
ii)    Aids applications to relevant agencies
iii)   Online poverty information updating
iv)   Automatic Poverty status calculation (poor/hardcore poor) based on the Poverty Line Index (PLI) per capita
v)    Generating the poverty reports and statistics
vi)   Poverty mapping and poverty monitoring based on the Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

The modules in e-Kasih are the Modules for Review, Registration, Updates, Reports, Knowledge Base, Poverty Support and Monitoring.

Eradicating Poverty in Jerantut Council:

a)         Assist in the implementation of programmes and projects under the Urban Poverty Eradication Programme (PPKB)
b)         Assist in the implementation of the Urban Well-being projects including the well-being terminal as well as building new and repair of houses projects.
•    Implementation of PPKB Aids :

  • Review the status of recipients, and
  • Determine aids

•    Channelling of PPKB allocation / aids to recipients

  • Coordination with other agencies for Well-being Aids Distribution to the Target Groups.

•    Conduct PPKB monitoring programmes.

•    Registration of e-Kasih registry information

•    Census and ‘Cleansing’ of Aids Recipients List.

•    Aids programmes for the urban poverty eradication programme.                       

•    Coordination with Districts and States.