Taxi Service

The taxi service in Jerantut plays an important role in attracting more visitors to Jerantut. Other than serving tourists, both foreign and domestic, the taxi service here also serves as a convenient mode of public transportation for people living in remote areas.

There are two types of taxi service available in Jerantut – local service and out-of-district service.

The following is the fare and trip schedule to major towns. For local service, you may call the Jerantut Taxi Station at 09-26620880 for reservations

 Destination  Ticket Fare     Start Time
 Jerantut – Temerloh  RM4.50  8.45 am
 11.00 am
 1.00 pm
 2.45 pm
 4.00 pm
 Jerantut- Kuala Lumpur (Pekeliling)  RM14.60
 Jerantut – Shah Alam  RM16.80
 Jerantut – Klang  RM16.80
 Kuala Lumpur (Pekeliling) – Jerantut  RM14.60  10.45 am
 12.00 pm
 5.30 pm